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Who can participate in Life on Track?

Defendants are eligible to participate in Life on Track if they :

  • are an adult
  • are on bail, have bail dispensed with, or are eligible for release on bail and likely to be granted bail
  • voluntarily agree to participate in the service and are motivated to address one or more of a wide range of problems that relate to their offending behaviour
  • are at medium to high risk of reoffending and / or have medium to high level needs (defined in the service as seeking assistance with one complex area of need or two or more areas of need)
  • are not on a current NSW Corrective Services Supervision Order, and
  • are not currently charged with a sexual offence nor convicted of a sexual offence within the previous five years.

Defendants are suitable to participate if they meet the eligibility criteria and: 

  • reside in an area where they are able to participate in treatment and other services as agreed
  • have access to transport to be able to meet with the Life on Track team and other services as agreed in their Life on Track Case Management Plan
  • consent to the Life on Track team exchanging information with relevant government and non-government agencies to facilitate their access to required services and programs
  • understand and agree to the participation requirements of Life on Track, and
  • understand that their participation in Life on Track may have no impact on the sentence that they receive.

Eligibility and suitability screening often occur together however this is not always the case.