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How does Life on Track work?

Life on Track assists defendants with medium to high level support needs and / or a medium to high risk of re-offending.

Life on Track contacts some defendants before they first attend court to tell them about the service and assess their eligibility and suitability to participate.

Life on Track also accepts defendants who are referred to the service or who contact the service directly.

Life on Track case managers will meet with defendants to help identify the broad range of issues that may cause them to reoffend. If the defendant is eligible and suitable for Life on Track, case managers then link the defendant with available services and programs in their local area to help them with any issues they want to work on. For example, this may include:

  • alcohol or drug misuse
  • homelessness
  • unemployment
  • poor financial management
  • disability
  • mental health concerns.

While the defendant has an ongoing matter in court, Life on Track case managers will provide reports to the court about the defendant's progress and rehabilitation efforts.

In order to achieve the biggest impact on re-offending, Life on Track will target participants at the highest risk of re-offending with the highest service level at the earliest possible stage. This means that different defendants will be allocated to different levels of service and will get longer (or shorter) periods of case management and more (or less) contact with their case manager.

A defendant's level of service is determined by their risk of reoffending, their level of support needs, any special needs and the professional judgment of Life on Track staff. There are three levels of service:

  • Level 1 up to 3 months of case management
  • Level 2 up to 6 months of case management
  • Level 3 up to 9 months of case management.

Select a below link to view the process of Life on Track:

Life on Track process flowchart [PDF 82KB]

Life on Track – Operational Manual [PDF 2MB]



Life on Track Brochure 

Life on Track brochure –Bankstown [PDF 326KB]

Life on Track brochure – Lismore [PDF 332KB]