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How to participate in Life on Track   

Life on Track case managers will contact some defendants soon after they are charged with an offence. This may be before the defendant has court or at their first court date. Defendants may receive a telephone call from Life on Track, or a letter in the mail.

Other defendants may not be contacted by Life on Track. They can still try and participate in the service. Life on Track accepts self-referrals. To refer yourself to Life on Track, call or visit your local Life on Track service provider. Find your local Life on Track service provider.

Life on Track also accepts referrals of defendants from other places including the court, solicitors, family members and other service providers. If a solicitor or service provider is making a referral, Life on Track requires them to complete a Life on Track Referral Form:

Life on Track Referral Form – Bankstown [PDF 296KB]

Life on Track Referral Form – Lismore [PDF 296KB]

If a defendant is referred to Life on Track in court, and a Life on Track case manager is not present at the court, defendants must write their contact details on the Potential Life on Track Defendants Form. This form is located at the Registry desk at the court. Defendants must complete the form before they leave the court that day.

Once a referral is received, a Life on Track case manager will contact the defendant to have a brief conversation and start to consider whether the defendant is eligible and suitable for Life on Track.